Filipino cuisine will be big in Europe and US in a few years

Exotic. Huge. Manila! Exploring the food trends of a capital with more that 20M citizens is a tough job. This videos give you all the culinary insights you need to have about Manila. I have checked hidden organic vegetarian restaurants, street vendors, beach breakfast places and fine dining spots. I have checked out restaurants of very well known chefs in Asia: Margarita Fores, Jele Gonzales and Nicos Santos.


Video 1 — Summary


Video 2 — All food trends


What to learn from Manila

The Philippines have a Spanish American culinary history, hence you find like churros, burritos, tapas, bbq and a lot of modern shopping malls. Add some Asian influence and you get one of the most interesting kitchen styles and food trends I know. From traditional breakfast to sophisticated organic healthy shops, everything is possible.

  • If you put Mumbai and Singapore in a pot and stir well, you will get Manila
  • The influence of Spanish and American cuisine can be found in a lot of venues
  • Imagine modern Tapas with Asian twist
  • Wanna get a new colour for your instafood? You better buy some Ube roots.
  • The Filipinos brought sharing food to a new level and they do social competitions called Boodle feast
  • Filipinos go crazy for pork and still skip beef


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