Beyond explores the creative gastronomy scene of London and sums up the insights for you

London is a culinary melting pot and famous for creative gastronomy concepts. You definitely have to go to The Ned and eat some healthy Californian food in the Malibu Kitchen. One major trend is bubble wraps full of sweets and colorful dessert delights. I visited four of the current Top10 bars in the world and checked their menu, found some of the coolest spots and recommendations for your next London trip.

Video 1 — Summary


Video 2 — The Bars


Video 3 — The Restaurants


What to learn from London’s creative gastronomy concepts

  • Try out new combinations like champagne and hot dogs. Does not fit? You dare.
  • Mono concepts are still en vogue, I checked in a cheesy one in Camden
  • Retail and gastronomy are morphing together, new gathering venues evolve. It’s time we rethink social interaction and tear down obstacles — start a club and find members
  • London waiters are funny, attentive and completely unexcited in delivering a great job
  • Presenting food also gets easier and we will get used to getting street style food everywhere

Here are some predictions

  • Pure, organic and healthy food just started and will keep on growing
  • Street food style presentation is the new way of cooking
  • Mono concepts with only one product showcase the best possible craftsmanship and knowledge
  • Brunch is the new breakfast – the combination of sweet and savory dishes rules
  • Food markets are everywhere

Places to go

Malibu Kitchen, Bubble wrap, La Cantina Negra, Bubble Dog, The Cheese Bar, Killer Cereals Café, Caravan Bankside, Borough Market. The Ned. And eat some healthy Californian food in the Malibu Kitchen.


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