New York – one of the globally best known food cities

Checking out one more major city and trying to find hot trends and great concepts and places. New York is one of the globally best known food cities and I spent 4 days visiting 40 locations.

In this video you get an overview about NY hottest food and restaurant trends and I will sum up the most important insights.


What to learn from New York

  • Asian cuisine is much more than street food style vendors. Watch out for Korean Chefs Table, Top notch Indian restaurants
  • Chinese restaurants do not have to come with the typical design approach. New modern style is on its way
  • Single item concepts following the Levante cuisine, e.g. Hummus & Tahini stores
  • Bar food is gaining ground especially in awarded bars
  • Functional food, eat as you go

Wanna do the same trip?

Here is my curated map:…

Tour includes spots like


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